Richard Whittington - Software Engineer

Need a new website?

Want a better one?

Need a full stack web application?

Well you've come to the right place! I am software engineer based in Memphis,Tn who codes using Javascript and Node.Js. I am also familiar with using API's and NoSQL databases. I am open to freelance work as well as longer term projects.

ToDo list full stack app

InTouch Daily Tasks

Tech Used: MondoDB, EJS, HTML, CSS, Javascript

A full stack web application with a fully integrated MongoDB database allowing the user to create new task lists on the fly.

Worldwide weather app

Weather Where You Are

Tech Used: OpenWeather API, HTML, Javascript, Bootstrap, CSS

A web app for finding the weather in any part of the world using an API.

Negril Sun Adventures tour website

Negril Sun Adventures

Tech Used: HTML, CSS, Javascript

A website designed and built as a proposal for a Jamaica based tour company.

Blog full stack app

The That's What I Thought blog

Tech Used: EJS, MongoDB, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

A blogging web application that allows the admin to compose and publish blogposts which are then saved to a database.

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